The Best Online Guitar Lessons

The Amazing Programs That Turn Beginners into Pros

The old days of hiring a private teacher are over.

You no longer need to

  • pay someone per hour
  • spend so much money
  • wait for days to learn something new
  • travel to see your tutor

By learning guitar online via one of the programs below, you get access to a vast archive of recorded lessons by the best teachers you could ever hope for, paying only a small monthly fee to get access to everything.

You can learn any type of guitar, any style, and any song at any time you want.

In my experience, even complete beginners see fast improvements after joining one of the programs below.


My name is Mike Best, and I’m the author of our website, together with my friends Allen, Bryce, and Thorsten.

We are passionate about music and love the guitar in all of its many forms and styles.

It is our wish to point you into the right direction and benefit from our experiences with music & guitar lessons both offline and online.

The 3 Top Platforms to Learn Guitar Online

The two top choices in the list below are everything most people need to become advanced guitarists. Both have outstanding free trials which I recommend you sign up for to see for yourself and chose one of the two.

RankProgramLogoPlayer SkillMonthlyMain FeaturesFree
1Guitar TricksBeginners & Advanced$19.95Largest lesson archive and best beginner program.Yes
2JamPlayBeginners & Advanced$19.95Large selection of lessons, some lessons by stars, amazing community, and live lessons for advanced players.Yes
3Artist WorksBeginners & Advanced$35.00Offers 1 on 1 guitar instructions via their Video Exchange feature.Only Sample Lessons

If you choose annual subscriptions, all prices are cheaper.

1. Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is the best website to master the guitar today.

Me and three of my friends have used Guitar Tricks not only to learn the instrument but also become versatile with many more styles and guitar types. You can be like me and start with a classical guitar, or you can be like my buddy Bryce who went straight to the electric guitar. We both found everything we needed in this membership, and there are many more things to learn. You can read our review here.

Together, my friends and I have have tested a lot more websites and DVDs than the ones we are recommending here, but the only two memberships we always go back to are Guitar Tricks and JamPlay.

The best thing is their 14 day free trial, so you can jump right in and check it out for yourself!

Click Here for a 14 Day Free Trial

The Pioneer

Guitar Tricks started back in 1998 and was the pioneer of online teaching websites. Over the course of those first 20 years, the site has grown tremendously and amassed a lesson archive of over 11,000 videos and hundreds of songs ready for you to dive in and practice. Their instructors are masterful at teaching you this instrument and all of its aspects.

Mastery Was Never So Easy

The majority of people still try to use Youtube videos or private teachers to learn instruments. Free videos hurt your progress more than they help, because you learn bad techniques and mistakes become ingrained. Private lessons may not have this problem, but they are expensive and take forever.
On a platform like Guitar Tricks, the training is consolidated and everything is laid out perfectly by masterful teachers. There are no gaps in the content, every lesson is well planned out and you can watch it again whenever you want. Here you have the combination of high quality lessons, the best teachers out there, and low price. You also don’t need an expensive guitar, like a Gibson. It can be a low cost instrument. All that matters is your skill and you can turn even a cheap instrument into something magnificent.

Any Skill Level is Fine

Remember, they have 11,000 videos. Not all of this material is aimed at beginners! There are many advanced lessons and if you have mastered one type of guitar or style, you can pick up a different one and learn that, too. For example, one of my friends plays classical, bass, and electric guitar. Also, new lessons are added regularly.

You Will Succeed

In my experience, you should see serious improvements in a short amount of time. Since you can access the video lessons whenever you want, there are no constraints on how fast you go through the material. It is all so well laid out that you can learn the basics and start playing songs after just a few hours. You may not be a pro yet, but you’ll have quick results to show for yourself that will boost your confidence!

After years of experience, Guitar Tricks has my top recommendation.

This one membership contains everything you will ever need to master different types of guitars and styles.

Please forget the guitar apps that are available today, and avoid free Youtube videos. None of these things are as professional and consolidated as the 11,000 videos found on Guitar Tricks.

If you stick with their lessons, like me and my friends have, you are going to learn this wonderful instrument the right way. You can always go back and rewatch lessons as often as you want.

Click here for your 14 Day Free Trial of Guitar Tricks

2. JamPlay

For many years, JamPlay has been one of my main resources due to their ongoing lessons and community. It has everything you need to become a skilled and versatile guitarist.

Personally, I prefer the interface over that of any other site and they have a big community that can help you with Q&A beyond the video content. They also feature lessons by some famous guitarists that are worth checking out.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, JamPlay offers you room to grow, because they tackle many different genres and guitar types. They are as good as Guitar Tricks, but also have a community that will help you improve. Over the years, I’m sure a lot of people have started up bands with people they met on the forums.

Click Here to Check Out JamPlay’s Live Lessons

More than 5,000 Video Lessons

Jamplay is one of the best guitar learning platforms because of their large content selection. You can learn any style of guitar and there are even lessons given by famous guitarists like Kaki King. New lessons are added each week and since they also do live lessons, you will never run out of things to learn.

High Quality Videos

The intricacies of guitar play require videos to show many different angles on what’s happening and Jamplay does a very good job with that. Their video quality has always been top notch, but now they also have many lessons in 4k resolution for even more clarity.

Training Material and Lessons

Lessons are divided into 3 phases. There is an entire section on songwriting and many different genres, so no matter which type of guitarist you want to be, there is everything you need. Intermediate and advanced benefit from this as well, because no matter how far along you may be, there are a ton of other genres you can learn. The courses for beginners are taught by over twenty skilled instructors.

Great Community & Live Training

The one thing I’ve always loved about JamPlay is the huge community of passionate guitarists, encompassing all skill levels. Whatever question you may have, the community comes to your aid and helps you out.
In addition, there is a section on regular live lessons that take place either daily or weekly and allow you to watch and participate. This creates a lot of extra content beyond the standard training videos.

best online guitar lessonsAt this point, both JamPlay and Guitar Tricks have reached a point where everything you need is inside. Which one you choose it a matter of personal taste. My recommendation is to jump into the free trial period of both of them and see which one suits you more.

What makes JamPlay unique is their community & social learning aspect that can really do a lot for you. The live lessons and community have been beneficial to me and many of my friends.

Another important feature is their variety of genres and styles, which is more diverse than what Guitar Tricks has to offer. Because of this fact, intermediate and advanced players can gain more on JamPlay.

Click Here for a 7 day Free Trial of JamPlay